Welcome To the Journey into Limitlessness

“Facilitate Change by Creating Value in Your Life”

“Life is happening FOR you –  not to you”

(Tony Robbins)

The Journey
Personal Development is the conscious pursuit of personal growth by expanding self-awareness, knowledge and improving personal skills.
These skills include the mind, body, and spirit as well as all levels of success in all areas of life, however one chooses to define it. The ultimate goal of Personal Development is to be a self-realized human being. That means living consciously at one’s full potential and reaching real happiness in our lives.
Through progressing through the essential steps needed when starting out with ones own journey of Personal Development there is a process of personal growth with specific milestones of awareness that need to be achieved. Without tackling these processes personal growth is not really possible or at least not complete.
When examining the unlimited journey of personal development we may ask ourselves: “Why?” ….. The reason is simple:
Life is just better when we have done work on ourselves.
  • Change is all about being able to moving forward, at our own pace. Building a solid, strong foundation and creating our own unique system of self-development will allow one to grow a new way of being. This can very challenging if we do not have the correct tools and support system in place.
  •  Our belief system is our perception of who we are, where we are going, what we will allow and what we can change. We all follow patterns in life and these patterns can lead us to repeat the same negative patterns, making the same mistakes over and over again, until we break these patterns.
  • The tools, coaches and supportive systems shown on our website are available to you! It allows us to start with a fresh new beginning, bring in new ways of living, build new positive patterns, a new note of our own song, to sing our own unique song of self.
  • Our Journey is meant to be dynamic, healthy, filled with vitality and energy. It is meant to be a Journey into Limitlessness discovery…. so if it’s not like that, ……then we need to discover which personal issues may be holding us back, and find out which belief systems and internal programming are blocking that path forward?



We need to self-discover who we are.  To do so, let’s ask this question: “Wouldn’t it be great to be truly healthy, confident and living in a state of vitality?

One way to start off with is to practice working with the seven supporting attitudes!

brought to you by The Seer Almine

7 teachings

Who doesn’t want an increase in Awareness, Vitality, Emotional and Spiritual Health and Well-Being?”

Choose your path

The most essential things in our unlimited journey into Personal Development deal with how one looks at the world and how we see ourselves within the world, which then determines how we act within our world.


Are you a victim or a winner? Do you see yourself as self-confident or not? Are you in control or not?


Are you successful? Are you happy or not,… and in what parts of your life does this question apply?

We work with YOU to break down the barriers to enable YOU to live in full limitlessness – you may choose from any of our available services available:  – from conversational life-coaching right into paradigm-busting healing therapies.

You’ll be surprised to see just how much more of You there is to discover.

Answer the Call in your Heart, Make THE Choice…

Here at Belvaspata South Africa, through our multiple Journey into Limitlessness platforms, we work with every person who honors us with their call for transformation! There is no need to follow a set path on the road to self-discovery!

You CHOOSE your Path…..

we answer your Call.

We can all learn to LIVE A Life of

Self-Love, Discernment and Trust.