‘This month’s questions are given through direct revelation. They are some of the most profoundly metaphysical questions I have yet encountered. Their purpose is to explore our relationship with the Infinite Source of our existence. By looking through the heart of the atom, we are able to catch a glimpse of the unspeakable and eternal force that sustains our existence.’

The Seer Almine

The Journey Logo

Welcome to Belvaspata Healing in South Africa: We are busy building a new website for you, themed under the teachings of the Seer Almine and which we will be known as  “The Journey into Limitlessness”  a series of online Radio shows, web-classes and online Angelic Healing experiences. Please join our Facebook page: Belvaspata healing South Africa and also our Instagram site on ‘belvaspata_za’ to stay connected whilst we build this new interactive site. 

In Love, Praise, Gratitude and Surrendered Trust for these immense times and opportunities we have to ascend and evolve our consicousness. May we all be One.