Angelic & Frequency Healing

A Healer is not someone you actually go to for ‘healing’ – a Healer is someone who helps you find and discover that key within you, that when turned, allows you to harness your own ability to heal from the past and live fully present in this moment.

When we increase our awareness and connect with the new frequencies of the cosmos that are available to us, this allows us to live from the Heart, and create a life of Love, Gratitude and Praise.  

As we are all made up of awareness and frequency, a Healer is someone is self-healing and therefore heals all around them just by living in their highest potential at any point. The frequencies that we engage with during our healing sessions are provided by a group of highly evolved angelic beings that add up collectively to a healing modality called Bel-vas-pata, (which means “Healing of the Heart”) as they dissolve past trauma, illussionary states of being and beliefs that may be holding us back from living in fullness.


The combination of utilizing these two aspects of “energy” brings about an alchemical equation that results in us becoming more perceptive and powerful in our ability to harness our own self-healing abilities and learn to live directly from a heart-centered expansive state of being, which in turns allows us to live in a more authentic manner as we remove illusion from our belief and programmed state of being.


Likewise, one can also choose to train and be initiated as a Belvaspata Angelic Frequency Healing Master through our education platforms – this brings one into a radiant state of self-sovereign healing and awareness and assists others to do the same – which is to live in our inherent ability of love, gratitude and praise.



“Kelechnutvaveleshvispata “(the angel’s name)

A Message from Almine for Belvaspata Masters Worldwide, ‘My deep respect and love is felt daily, as I connect with Belvaspata masters worldwide. They are the ones who are the spiritual warriors of the Earth and in their ‘fight against’ the illusion of disease, they are armed only with love, praise and gratitude and the courage of their conviction that wholeness is man’s birthright’.

My heart is with you always, Almine