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Paul Wisdom
Nico Wisdom

Paul Kershaw & Nico Goosen, have lived and worked near Johannesburg,Gauteng province, South Africa and have been partners for 19 years. They are available as online coaches, mentors and guidance counselors through their skill, talent and experience built up over years of hard work, learning and self-development. They provide profound experience and offer a gateway into a new way of vital thinking, being and creating.

Paul & Nico consider that the creative, performing and healing arts are all wonderful forms of human and spiritual expression and that every aspect of our world is made up of frequency, awareness and life-experience which when molded together, create a brand new self that is far more powerful, filled with wisdom and deeper perception.

Their understanding of the science of alchemy performance coupled with the reality of artistic expression will ultimately always bring balance, healing, love and gratitude into being, which are the cornerstone of being whole!

Healing & Training:

2001 onwards:  * Trained in multiple healing & massage therapies and modalities.

* 2008 Received Grand Master Healing Intiation by the worlds leading Mystic and Seer, Almine

* 2008 Ordained as Cosmic Oracles by the Seer Almine

* 2010 Training in ancient Tok Sen massage Therapy, Chiang Mai, Thailand

* 2011 Ongoing courses and training in various modalities

* 2019 Completed Life Coach, Clinical Hypnosis, Past Life Regression and NLP certification

* Certified by CAMS Institute South Africa

Key points:

  • Since 2009 have worked on personal development with thousands of talented individuals who are interested in building a career in the world of arts and entertainment internationally.
  • They run several companies, educational and online platforms and are globally connected to a network of international management corporate-led names both within Hollywood and other arenas in the industry.
  • Trained in multiple healing modalities
  • Certified in many forms of traditional and ancient massage systems
  • Trained and experienced both internationally and within South Africa.
  • Certified by leading USA based companies


The following sessions are available either online or in person (for those available to travel to their geographical location)

  • Spiritual /Cosmic Reading
  • Personal Development Consultation
  • Initial Healing Consultation (includes a Belvaspata Healing Session)
  • Life Coaching – Initial Consultation + ongoing sessions
  • Cosmic Dream Interpretation (called Personology – a written response)
  • Past Life Regression Hypnosis sessions, 1 hour
  • N.L.P session  – approx 1 hour (one-on-one in-practice sessions only)
  • Clinical Hypnosis Sessions (specific symptoms – minimum sessions would be suggested) – approx 1 hour
  • Home and Building/Property Energy Cleaning using Angelic Frequency Healing Ceremony


Also view our online links to gain access to information about our web-class programs and training courses on how to become a Belvaspata Master Healer, join in our Sacred Yoga classes, Song of Self Meditation Journeys and more! 

Do review the individual pages for each of our Coaches, Paul and Nico, for more insight into their process, what they offer and what you will experience by being in contact with them.


Click here for Paul’s personal information link:  Paul Kershaw

Click here for Nico’s personal information link:  Nico Goosen

  • Please note: Belvaspata Angelic Healing, Devi Satva Yoga and Song of Self are copyrighted to Spiritual Journeys LLC, through the leading Mystic and Seer, Almine. To find out more about these life transforming journeys please click on the following link:  Seer Almine


‘The sublime path of being a blessing to mankind, shedding light on dark days, is not for those who pretend ignorance to escape culpability. It is not for those who hide behind false humility, which is simply conceding to the arrogance of another. Instead, it is for men and women willing to let their light increasingly illuminate with the soft flow of hope the darkest corners of the lives they touch. It calls for masters with the innocence of a child, who freely acknowledge their inability to know the infinite plan of wisdom that shapes the lives of their fellow men.Through these masters, the Infinite speaks.’

– The Seer Almine