The Oracles

Paul Wisdom
Nico Wisdom

An Introduction:

Paul Kershaw & Nico Goosen, live and work mainly in a suburb of Benoni, 30 km’s east of Johannesburg in Gauteng province, South Africa and have been life-partners for 19 years.

* Committed to development of education in the creative and performing arts industry.

* They have worked with thousands of talented individuals who are interested in building a career in the world of arts and entertainment.

* They run multiple companies, educational and online platforms and are globally connected to a network of international management corporate-led names both within Hollywood and other arenas in the industry.

* Trained in multiple healing modalities.

* Certified in many forms of traditional and ancient massage systems

* Trained and experienced both within South Africa as well as internationally.

 Paul & Nico consider that the creative, performing and healing arts are all beautiful form of human spiritual expression and that every aspect of our world is made up of frequency and awareness.

Their understanding of the science of performance coupled with the reality of artistic expression, combined together will ultimately always bring balance, healing, love and gratitude into being, which are the cornerstone of being whole!

During 2007, they discovered the Seer Almine’s teachings. It took a trip to Central America and other countries to be able to eventually meet her in South Africa (2008), where they were directly initiated into the healing modality of “Belvaspata” –  Grand-mastery Level by her. The story of how they found their way to Almine’s teachings is profound and is often shared during the courses they facilitate. It brings a fascinating connection to understanding and finding one’s life-purpose through following one’s heart and living in one’s highest truth.

During a series of meditations and visions, they brought through some previously unknown hidden information which The Seer then combined to produce some life-changing prophecies.  These events are written about in some of Almine’s books and articles. The Seer Almine ordained them as Oracles of Wisdom and Light.   There-after, other visions, insights and information were brought through by them and added to the growing levels of wisdom available to humanity’s ascension and spiritual evolution.


The sublime path of being a blessing to mankind, shedding light on dark days, is not for those who pretend ignorance to escape culpability. It is not for those who hide behind false humility, which is simply conceding to the arrogance of another.

Instead, it is for men and women willing to let their light increasingly illuminate with the soft flow of hope the darkest corners of the lives they touch. It calls for masters with the innocence of a child, who freely acknowledge their inability to know the infinite plan of wisdom that shapes the lives of their fellow men.

Through these masters, the Infinite speaks.

(The Seer Almine)


They centralized the work and teachings of Almine within the region, introduced and developed Belvaspata Angelic Healing (South Africa), facilitated courses, initiations, meditation and study evenings using the ever-expanding materials provided by The Seer Almine. Many of these students have gone on to meet Almine and continue to study with her in various ways.


As two people walking their own path of self-mastery and building spiritual evolution in their own day-to day lives, it is an inspiration and heart-expanding experience to be able to spend time with them.

Their ability to see beyond the obvious (the surface) delivers a power-house experience of learning to live in a more authentic manner.  A “reading” or healing session with them brings about a big shift as they focus solely on the power of the moment that is available. Depth, clarity and connection to one’s own role and journey is often discussed.  Healing time spent with them produce extra-ordinary experiences that change one’s life, forever.

They are also certified and registered Life-coaches working on an individual as well as an alchemical level (including with businesses and the corporate world) where they combine their wisdom and inherent perception and powerful understanding into living where-ever the moment takes one.

The life-journey that these two spiritual Visionaries and Paradigm-shifters live has also taken them into certification in N.L.P (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as well as Clinical Hypnosis and Past Life Regression. As ordained Oracles and Board Registered Grand-Master Healers, they are also certified internationally with the American Union of N.L.P and in South Africa with the CAMS Institute – a recognition authority working with those who teach, study and offer healing as an alternative or complementary therapy process.


Access and download the pdf info-flyers on each section of the Journey page to discover how you can create an appointment and initial reading or Belvaspata Angelic Healing Consultation with these Alchemy Coaches and Oracles of Wisdom and Light.

The professional Life/Business Coaching Practice information is listed in it’s own category in the links shown on this website under the page “The Journey” – accessible by clicking or tapping on the appropriate links.

The following sessions are available either online or in person (for those available to travel to their geographical location)

  • Spiritual /Cosmic Reading with one of The Oracles
  • Initial Healing Consultation (includes a Belvaspata Healing Session)
  • Life Coaching – Initial Consultation + ongoing sessions
  • Cosmic Dream Interpretation (written response)
  • N.L.P session  – approx 1 hour (one-on-one in-practice sessions only)
  • Clinical Hypnosis Sessions (specific symptoms – minimum sessions would be suggested) – approx 1 hour
  • Home and Building/Property Energy Cleaning using Angelic Frequency Healing Ceremony


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