The 4 Sacred Yogas

Devi Satva Yoga CLASSES: a catalyst for change

Devi Satva Yoga means “Yoga of Illumination” and consist of Three Bodies of Yoga, received by The Seer Almine.

Yoga, as a spiritual and physical discipline, has been practiced in many variations by masters and novices for countless years and is universally accepted as one of the most effective development tools ever created.

In its original state, man’s physical form was meant to be self-purifying, self-regenerating and self-transfiguring.

Being created it was not real or eternal but could, through pristine living and total surrender, open gates in the body that would allow the Real to permeate and indefinitely sustain it.

The practice of these Sacred Yogas open up the gates of abundance, clear past re-incarnational cycles and rejuvenate the body. They also relate to body, soul and spirit and in working with both breath, sound elixirs and tapping as well as specific postures (asanas) they are very unique and profound tools for our awakening process, consciousness evolution and physical well-being.

A Fourth Yoga was later added, called Aranash Sub-Yoga.

Aranash Suba Yoga is designed to release the hold of illusion on the yogi by strengthening the Eternal Song of the Infinite within.

Monthly online classes are provided as detailed on the attached brochure.

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