Entering Limitlessness

personal Message from the coaches

Welcome to this Journey into Limitlessness, that we are walking alongside you and the many others who just KNOW within themselves that their time to express the beauty of who they are has come. 

The process, journey and experience is wonderfully deep and insightful and brings one into limitless potential!

Reality is something that every person has built within themselves whether or not they are aware of it or not.   Many values and qualities exist in the form of belief systems, internal programming and reactions. Our thoughts and feelings are expressed through these systems.

In order to create a state of Living in Limitlessness, a Journey of Self-Mastery, inner discovery, personal development;  new experiences needs to be undertaken so one can release that which no longer serve us (or may in fact only be limiting our potential).

There are several methods we have employed to whilst  developing ourselves on this exciting Journey of Life into LimitlessnessWe are deeply honored that you have invited us into your life! – and to allow us to be able to work with you – it is work that we carry with great humility – but we also know Life is a GIFT that needs to be shared and developed! – and this is what we do!

We share the work that we do, with YOU!

Together, we warmly invite YOU to also be part of our magnificent Journey of uncovering today’s TRUTH(s) so that we can build a TOMORROW based on power, deep perspective and wholesomeness. Each of us is already a Master in some form, all we need to do is discover a way that will allow us to find it within ourselves!

Note: As the flow of life is always transmuting into something new, we regularly develop new courses and classes so that we are always working in-tune with the universe, (so to speak!)

  • Book a Personal Development or Life Coaching Consultation and begin to discover how your blocks have held you back from achieving your dreams and goals.
  • Belvaspata Angelic Frequency Healing sessions can be booked in order to gain some first-hand experience of how frequency healing works – this can be undertaken as a life-shifting journey all by itself.
  • One can be trained as a Belvaspata Master/Grand-Master Healer and attain professional certification in this healing modality – the benefits of this are numerous and ongoing as one grows exponentially through being a Healer “who self-heals whilst healing”.
  • We offer Clinical Hypnosis as well as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) sessions.
  • Our Past Life Regression sessions provide huge insight into how our past influences the present.
  • Our online courses provide great insight and a journey of self-empowerment.
  • Join our monthly sacred Yoga and Meditation Journey ONLINE classes. “Easy-Peezy” Yoga that brings huge shifts in your current dynamic! (coming soon!)
  • Our Self-Discovery Short Courses provide that perfect place to achieve great insight and attain a deeper and more powerful perspective of who and what you are – and coach you in methods to achieve much more that you ever though possible – these classes are all ‘subject’ and ‘theme’ related, making it easy to choose what suits YOU at this time.

Good to Know!

Our Life-Coaching sessions and Self-Development courses are based on deep-seated belief systems and will suit those people who are ready to discover more about themselves without necessarily entering into a deep spiritual journey – therefore we work with all our clients at the level at which they may be currently ‘expressing’ – and then we mentor and journey with them to achieve the highest potential that person can achieve at that time. 


We honor the choices and decisions each person makes whilst calling them to action,  holding each our our clients with care and love whilst we walk together on the road to creating their own unlimited and personal pinnacle of freedom and empowerment.

An initial consultation with us will highlight available choices of the most accurate treatment of process we can employ so that appropriate decisions can be made based on the status quo of each of our clients!

It’s Your Life, Your Call, Your Choice – Your Path.

 Our classes and available courses serve as a Lifetime investment in the personal development and life-transformation process that you may wish to bring about – please review the available information on this site and let us know how and where we can assist further!

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Please visit our CONTACT page and send us your cosmic geographical details – do remember though: email basically only works on Earth!

Wonderment at the deep, spiritual reality that reveals itself to the one who sees behind the appearances is the key to a life of miracles. Religious dogma, and the judgmental-ness that arises from moralistic certitude, strengthens duality and obscures the divine.

~ The Seer Almine